HHT Ireland’s Commitment to Awareness, Support, and Research

What is HHT?

Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) is a rare genetic disorder characterised by abnormal blood vessel formation, leading to frequent nosebleeds, skin telangiectasias, and arteriovenous malformations in various organs (AVMs).

Dedicated to improving lives

HHT Ireland is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by this condition through a comprehensive approach that encompasses awareness, education, support, and research. Its vision is to create a world where those living with HHT have access to early diagnosis, effective treatment, and a supportive community.

Raising Awareness

Our aim is to raise awareness among the public and healthcare professionals, to ensure that individuals with HHT receive accurate information and high-quality care, and drive research efforts towards better treatments. HHT Ireland’s actions include organising educational events and support groups, advocating for improved healthcare policies and collaborating with international HHT organisations.

Fostering a network of support

By fostering a network of support and resources, HHT Ireland aims to alleviate the challenges faced by those with HHT and to make significant strides in combating this often-overlooked condition.


Living with HHT presents unique challenges that can impact various aspects of life. To better understand and address these challenges, EURORDIS – a European Organisation for Rare Diseases – has launched a significant initiative: the Rare Barometer survey titled “Impact on Living with a Rare Disease.” This survey is a crucial tool that aims to gather insights directly from patients and their families to inform policy makers, healthcare providers, and the broader community about the real-world impacts of rare diseases like HHT.

Living with HHT

Clare Brown shares her emotional story with Sharon from HHT Ireland about the challenges her son met when he presented with severe pains and diagnosed with a Ruptured Pulmonary AVM.


We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the MOVE4HHT 2024 Moveathon.

Meet Little Red, a friendly adventurer teaching kids about HHT

A condition that can cause small blood vessels to form differently. Little Red explains that while these changes can sometimes cause nosebleeds or other symptoms, knowing about HHT helps kids and their families take the best care of themselves. Join Little Red on his adventures to learn more about HHT and how to stay healthy and happy!

Little Red HHT

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