Become A Member of HHT Ireland

HHT-familyIf you live on the island of Ireland you can click to become a member of HHT Ireland and receive all communications from us.

Be part of a wonderful group of people who all have the same thing in common – living with HHT.

HHT affects so many people; patients, families & friends.

You can be part of this fabulous community too.


Benefits of becoming a member:

1.We hold monthly patient online meetings where members can share their experiences of HHT. Many people hear of new management tips for their HHT at these events. Contacts for HHT experts are often shared and discussed between patients.

2. Being a member gives you access to advice and support via our closed Facebook group for members. Here you can share experiences with each other. The Facebook group, called “HHT In Ireland”, is very active and rewarding.

3. As a member, you will have direct and personal communication with our Admin team via Messenger or phone 083/4222302.

4. By becoming a member you will also receive invitation-via-email to our Annual Patient Forum each year.

5. You will also be notified of any fundraising event happening around the country that might interest you.


So don’t delay – complete the form and become a member of HHT Ireland today! Click HERE.