Board of HHT Ireland

The Board of HHT Ireland is made up of 7 dedicated Directors, 3 of whom are HHT patients themselves and understand the challenges of living with HHT.

They work tirelessly and endlessly to help raise awareness of HHT and provide support to those families living with HHT.

Read more about our Directors below.

Dara Woods is a HHT patient and mother of 2 HHT children. Since the loss of her 22yr old son Paul to HHT she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of this disorder. Advocating for other HHT patients is her main focus in life!

My name is Jamie Kennedy and I recently volunteered as a Trustee of HHT Ireland. 

I am an  Associate Chartered Accountant with Chartered Accountants of Ireland.

My experience as an external and internal auditor is perfect for the required skill-set to assume responsibility for the role of Treasurer from Michael Dunne at our AGM, May 10th, 2023.

I look forward to see what the future brings for HHT Ireland.

Petronella was diagnosed in 2018 with HHT. She is now a HHT Ireland board member with a keen interest in raising awareness. Having witnessed her mother suffer HHT without diagnosis Petronella is committed to ensuring that life with HHT is easier for future generations. She is the Senior Finite Scheduler for MSD Dublin and has worked in the biopharmaceutical industry for many years. She holds a degree in Science with further qualifications in QA and Clinical Chemistry. Three furry faces try to keep her fit and busy, her two dogs and her pony despite addiction to chocolate hobnobs

Marie is from Roscommon and comes from a HHT family.  Marie didn’t inherit the HHT gene but is very happy to spend time advocating for those who did.

Marie has a scientific background and helps keep our organisation up-to-date with ongoing research in Europe. 


Michael MacGinty – HHT Patient, Husband, Father, Son, Brother and Salesman.  “As a daily bleeder in my 50s HHT has always been a part of living, from the simple inconvenience of constant bleeds to losing family members to the disorder. Happy to be able to support HHT Ireland to create awareness and help other bleeders in some small way.”
David is a retired school teacher and husband & father of HHT patients. He knows first-hand the challenges faced by HHT patients & their families.