Brian-Dublin-MarathonMeet Brian Crothers, a man on a mission for HHT Ireland!

Brian is our “Man on the Run” – Bionic Brian!

Brian is 71 years young and from Glengormley in Northern Ireland and he is running the Dublin Marathon on Sunday 30th October to raise awareness and funds for HHT Ireland.

If you are in a position to give a little towards this cause, please know that all donations can be made HERE

This will be Brian’s final marathon and we are grateful for all his hard work and dedication in helping us before he hangs up his trainers.

Here is what Brian has to say –

“Hi, my name is Brian and I’m from Glengormley. I’m aged 71yrs and I’ve been running marathons since 2014 for various charities over the years and this year will be my final one.
I’m running the Dublin City Marathon on 29th October and I’ve chosen HHT Ireland as my charity to finally hang up my trainers…Let me tell you a bit about them and the great work they do …
HHT is a rare, genetic, hereditary blood vessel disorder. The disorder causes malformed blood vessels and can affect multiple organs in the body with AVMs.
The main symptoms are :
1…Haemhorraging unexplained nosebleeds
2…Red spots (telangiectases) on mucus membranes, face and hands
3…A family history of bleeding
4..AVMs can form on Liver, Brain, Lungs, Gastric Tract, Bowels
There is no cure,  with only transfusions to help and with 90% of patients going undiagnosed, it’s so important to raise awareness and help people recognise the symptoms among their family and friends and to get life-saving screening before a catastrophie happens.
I’m running to raise awareness & funds to enable this amazing charity to keep their team of volunteers throughout the country of Ireland afloat .
They work tirelessly raising awareness and finding new patients. They run support groups and offer advice and support to newly diagnosed families. They send scientific volunteers to worldwide conferences which enable new information to be passed along to the medical team. They also work tirelessly updating websites & social media with new information and a 24/7 patient helpline.
Also if you could consider donating blood if you think you are eligible …HHT patients rely heavily on blood transfusions to stay alive🅰️🅱️🅾️🆎🆑 .
Any donation would be very much appreciated and if you could share my story on HHT Ireland’s Facebook page to raise awareness, I’d be so grateful! – HHT Ireland Facebook Page
Please see the JustGiving donation link at the top of the page.


Deepest thanks to each of you in advance.