Darren’s Story

I have suffered nosebleeds since I was a child.

Just as some suffered with hay-fever, I was afflicted with weekly nosebleeds. I would go to A&E and have my nose cauterised – AGAIN.

I was never told I had an illness, but then, I never asked.

In my forties my bleeds began to get really bothersome. I was always tired and low in iron. I attended two specialist, neither telling me that I had a disease.

Was this lack of awareness on their part? I can’t say.

I just know I was getting desperate for answers.

 I started to bleed in my sleep, waking up with a pillow soaked in blood.

Finally, a few years back my GP sent me to see Mr Amin in The Mater Hospital.

He recognised my symptoms and sent me to the Mercy hospital in Cork to get tested for HHT.

HHT- Darren

There it was confirmed that I was positive for the disease. HOORAY. I had an answer.

I still had nosebleeds, but I knew why.

I now travel to Madrid for sclerotherapy treatment with the wonderful Dr Sol.

My bleeds have alleviated. I still get the odd flow, but they are not as traumatic.


If you suffer with regular nosebleeds, get tested for HHT.

Ten years ago I was miserable because of my bleeds.

Today, thanks to Dr Sol and all in the HHT community, I’m not afraid every time I go to the theatre or go out to dinner.