Are you an HHT patient or life partner of an HHT patient? 

Have you taken part in the VASCERN survey on Contraception, Intimacy and Family Planning in HHT?

This is a wonderful study for our community because it addresses some very important issues that impact the life of HHT patients and their partners. Partner participation is just as important in this study because HHT is a family matter and all points of view help understanding.


Your answers will allow HHT Specialists across Europe to collect information and evidence on how HHT influences your choices and interferes with contraception-use. The collected data will be analysed, published and become an important instrument to advocate for better support and care. 

 Thank you to all those that have replied already!  We really hope to reach a large number of respondents for Ireland because this allows us to understand our country -specific needs and be able to report back to you in detail and discuss how we can help improve on the topics that most concern you. 

 There is time until May 8th to answer the survey that takes only 15 minutes of your time. 

Don’t delay, participate today and invite your partner and HHT family members to take part also. 

This survey is open to any HHT patient and partner, regardless of age

The survey requires only 15 minutes of your time and is open until May 8th 2023.

To participate, simply HERE

We are excited to learn the important results that will emerge for Ireland.

Thank you for your participation.