Since writing my last story of living with HHT with an AVM on my ear, I have since become a Mam for the second time. I was so worried about becoming a Mam for a second time in case the same thing would happen again and I would have a massive bleed from my gums. However, this pregnancy was a lot better and more manageable as I had lots of appointments in Dublin and Wexford.

Wexford General Hospital took care all of the scans and monitored myself and baby along way.

The Coombe Hospital in Dublin were also great and put everything into place for the planning of the baby and what was best for both of us. The Coombe Hospital was the best place to go to due to an HHT Dept just around the corner in St. James Hospital. So if the HHT team was needed they weren’t too far away.

The AVM on the ear in this pregnancy was ok. Another small lump did form on the ear and having a wisdom tooth also impacted. They both caused a lot of pressure and stress coming towards the end of the pregnancy. I did have a few bleeds from the gum due to stress at the time as I had a lot of family problems going on. I was sent to Dublin at one point as I was getting pains and contractions which were coming fast. They sent me to The Coombe Hospital to be monitored. I had an MRI scan done while 7 months pregnant to be sure the blood vessels etc where all ok. Thankfully baby Mason didn’t make an appearance but with a planned C-section ahead I was brought in at 37weeks pregnant.



Our beautiful baby boy was boy in August 2022 weighing at 8lbs 7oz. C-section was planned and I was awake for this one and it was so nice to be awake and have my partner beside me to see our son arrive into the world. This was so very different to my first pregnancy as I could hear him cry!

Due to the bleeding from the first pregnancy on my baby daughter and with the AVM getting big on second pregnancy, myself and my partner and doctors decided that tube ligation was best solution to not be able to have any more children. The doctor knew herself this was best option for me and no questions were asked when I mentioned it to her.



So, soon after the birth of our son, my wisdom tooth on same side as the AVM on my ear started to give me bother with a lot of pressure. There was plenty of crying and  pain to where I was taking NurofenPlus medication a lot…. anything at all to try calm it down!

HHT-Shellie-AVMEventually it was decided with the Max Fax team in St James hospital to go under General Anaesthetic to remove this wisdom tooth. It was scheduled for removal in July 2023. Five months since removal, the AVM has gotten very big again and the pressure is back. I’m unsure if the vessels are causing it to flare up or if I will even need another surgery. I am due to see my consultants in March 2024 where more will be advised and maybe more CT or MRI scans will be performed to see how the blood flow is.







Day to day is very hard. It gets to me a lot. I cry a lot and feel very low. I will not show my ear in public. I always make sure the air is over it. I guess self-love and accepting myself the way I am now is what needs be worked on. Forever grateful for my two healthy beautiful children and an amazing supportive partner.

HHT-Shellie-familyHHT - Shellie & LaylaI take each day as it comes and pray that the AVM will settle on my ear but I know this is something I will have to live with, for rest of my life.



Dec, 2023.