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Time to go back to school

The return to school is happening and many parents and children are as excited as worried, especially those living with a chronic disease. We all agree that returning to school is beneficial for children in many ways. However, children who live with HHT need to have some information and share it with their teachers to ensure a good back-to-school.


A school guide to help you ensure a safe return to school

HHT Ireland is happy to present the HHT School Guide 2020 to provide parents and children peace of mind as they return to school.

This guide is meant to bring answers to questions from parents and teachers and help you prepare for your child’s return to school. It offers explanations and ideas to help with schooling.

You will also find information sheets to complete and return to your child’s teachers.

Communication is a key to develop a good environment for the child and a better exchange between school and home.

This guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the teacher. It constitutes a base of support for supporting HHT children and adolescents in school.


Special COVID-19 supplement

Given the unique context, this year we have developed a COVID-19 supplement. We are aware of the fears that all parents must have, especially when their child has a particular condition.

The guide has been developed from the original guide of HHT Onlus and reviewed by doctors.

The supplement has been developed on the basis of information provided by official bodies. We hope you find it useful. And we strongly encourage you to keep yourself constantly informed of the progress of the changes since the measures are adapted on a fairly regular basis.


You can download the guide here : HHT School guide 2020


Every child is different and our concern is to ensure his/her wellbeing!


You are not alone, talk to your doctor 

If you have any doubt about anything related to your child’s health please refer to your doctor.

Our team is here for you should you wish to discuss it further and we wish you and your child an excellent start to school!