HHT Ireland mission is to raise awareness of HHT (Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia) and provide support for the people affected by HHT and their families


This mission reflects our values ​​of activism, humanism, innovation, proximity, quality, independence:

Raising Awareness, Guiding and Preventing:

Raising awareness at all levels is one of our fundamental missions. HHT is a rare disorder that many people are unaware of. HHT Ireland communicates simple medical information related to HHT and we aim to educate all our audiences. This is crucial for the prevention of the disorder and diagnosis at an early stage for HHT Patients, families, doctors and caregivers.

Representing, Supporting and Protecting Our Patients:

We represent, support and protect our patients’ interest at a national level but also at a European level through HHT Europe.

Encouraging the Medical Area and Science:

Patient groups have recently become actively involved in scientific and therapeutic activism. Every patient’s unique expertise is of precious value to the input into research and healthcare, especially when it comes to a very-little known rare disorder in the medical area. Part of our role is also to educate our doctors and specialists.

HHT Ireland is involved and encourages funding into research.

Helping and Supporting Others:

HHT Ireland supports people living with HHT. Who do we help? Our charity offers a secure and supportive environment to share experiences and offer advice to HHT patients, their families and their loved ones.

We have also set up a hotline, available from Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


Contact number: 083 422 2302