World Liver Day occurs on 19th April every year.







Did you know that Liver VMs occur in approximately 75% of HHT patients and are typically more severe in patients with ACVRL1 mutation (HHT2).

Liver VMs are most often asymptomatic but can result in heart failure and other complications. Echocardiogram is recommended at the time of liver VM diagnosis.  Patients with symptomatic liver VMs should be managed by an expert team at an HHT Centre, with at least annual follow-up. Liver biopsy should be avoided in patients with definite or suspected VMs. Hepatic artery embolisation should be avoided in patients with liver VMs. MRI and CT scan findings of Liver VMs are often confused with cirrhosis when viewed by physicians who may not have expertise in HHT.

Please read our Guide to HHT & The Liver, which has been approved by Prof Adrian Brady, National HHT Centre, Mercy University Hospital, Cork.






World Liver Day 2023 –  Susan , an HHT patient who lives with the challenges of Liver VMs daily, talks to us about the challenges she faces. Thank you Susan for taking the time today to talk to us about your experience of living with HHT in the Liver.

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World Liver Day 2024 – Jane Madden takes time out of her hectic schedule to talk to us about living with Liver AVMs due to her HHT.

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Graphics of Liver


We hope you enjoy our liver graphics to help understand the implications HHT can have on this important organ.

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