Will You Donate Blood For Your Valentine?my Valentine 2016

Here at HHT Ireland, We are asking HHT Patients to plead to their loved ones or good friends to donate blood in the weeks before St Valentine’s Day – 14th Feb 2016 – to show how much they really care!

So please, please Go on! Ask someone to donate their blood for you!

While they are at it, ask them to take a photo, holding a copy of our banner. Then all you have to do is upload this photo to our Facebook page in the few days before Valentine’s Day.

It is hoped that all over Europe, the various HHT pages will be filled with photos of so many different people – all raising awareness for HHT as well as donating blood – something truly LOVELY!

Isn’t that what St Valentine’s Day is all about – showing TRUE LOVE!!

Come on, lets get on the Love Wagon!!