In honour of Mother Teresa, the United Nations established September 5th – the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death – as the International Day of Charity.

The U.N. encourages individuals and organizations to observe the International Day of Charity through several ways of helping people. Below you will find 7 meaningful ways to help people living with HHT and their families.


Volunteering plays a vital role in HHT Ireland. There are many ways to volunteer that are fulfilling and make a real impact on Patients lives.

Volunteering can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance your career, and even feel happier and healthier.

Not to mention all the patients who need your help and the impact of your actions on your community.

Move for a cause

HHT is a rare disease for which effective cures are still to be found and the word has to be spread.

Joining a fundraising event is a beautiful and healthy way to raise awareness for a rare disease while fundraising to support undiagnosed patients.

HHT Ireland organises an annual Moveathon to help HHT Patients and their families by walking, jogging or cycling while fundraising.

This is a fabulous event for families of all ages. If you want to be notified when the next Moveathon happens, subscribe to our newsletter.

Band on the Run

Our Band on the Run project collects images of our HHT Ireland wristband as it travels the world. Will you get involved? Send us your photos as you journey with our HHT Ireland wristband which is available on request via our website or any social media platform..

Donate and support HHT Patients and their families!

Few things are as easy or provide as much instant gratification as donating money to people in need. Research suggests that giving to charity may actually make the donor happier and healthier. There are many ways to donate money to charities.

Another way to donate? Ask people to support HHT Ireland as a birthday gift to you. They can therefore donate on your behalf as a gift!

To donate, click JustGiving


Donate blood

HHT Patients’ symptoms can be severe and include gastrointestinal bleeding, lung and brain haemorrhages, and strokes among others. Because of this, many HHT patients need regular blood transfusions.

A blood donation is a “gift of life” that is precious and a very simple way of giving that can have a tremendous impact on somebody else’s life.

According to Joni Baker, a clinical laboratory manager at UnityPoint Health, “a single blood donation can give one to four patients a better outcome, a chance at survival.”

Here are the basic things to know:

To become a blood donor you must be in good health, between 18 and 65 years of age and weigh at least 50kgs (7st 12lbs). You can donate every 90 days.

We encourage you to fill a pre donation questionnaire to ensure that it’s safe for you to donate and that it’s safe for a sick person to receive your blood.

Spread the word

Raising awareness is easy but makes a big difference. It can save lives and help people affected by HHT to realise they are not alone.

Relate your “personal story” to HHT Ireland about yourself, a friend or a parent who lives with HHT or has a story related to HHT.

Use social media. Become a “fan/follower” of HHT Ireland’s page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and post messages about HHT.

Another simple thing to do is to share this article!