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HHT Ireland Launches Valentine's Campaign

Ask for a special gift this Valentines Day

HHT Ireland Launches Valentine's Campaign


We are organizing a great European Campaign for raising awareness on HHT.
You can help. It is easy and fun!
All you have to do is ask for a very unique Valentine’s Day gift!
Yes, ask the people who love you, and who don’t have HHT, to donate blood for Valentine’s day. Most HHT patients depend on blood transfusions and it is up to us to promote this important act of love and kindness.
But be sure that your loved ones bring the #myHHTvalentine banner with them while they donate. Ask them to take a picture or a video of themselves with the banner while they donate blood.
The blood donation can be made anytime before Valentine’s Day. Click here to find a location and date that suits you.
However, pictures and videos should go on Social Media between February 1st and 14th.
Ask your loved ones to Post on their Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram page and on our HHT Ireland facebook page along with a message on why they participated in this campaign.
If you are not on social media send your pictures and videos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will post them for you!
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