4 HHT Experts Join HHT Family For One Day

What an amazing day for HHT Ireland & all its patient members!

On 23rd March we were joined by 4 wonderful HHT Experts!

Dr Adrian Brady, National HHT Centre Mercy University Hospital Cork

Dr Martin Buckley Consultant GastroEnterologist Mercy University Cork

Mr Mohsen Javadpour Consultant Neurosurgeon Beaumont Hospital Dublin

Mr Mohamed Amin ENT Consultant Mater Hospital Dublin.

Each gave a very informative & uplifting presentation. 4 very popular aspects of HHT were discussed – Lungs, Brain, GI (gastrointestinal) & Nose.

Everyone had a chance to put their own questions to the experts and many of us were surprised to hear of the most uptodate advice on treating our chronic nosebleeds & iron loss.

Booklets on Understanding HHT were given to everyone alongwith HHT information leaflets. These leaflets are intended for distribution to our GPs, Nurses, Dentists and all those involved in Healthcare within our Community.

A School Guide which has been produced by HHT Ireland (in association with HHT Europe & approved by Dr Adrian Brady) was also available for everyone to bring home to their local schools to help raise awareness of the disorder.

A wonderful presentation was also given by volunteer Elaine Solan on how to become active with HHT Ireland. Volunteers are needed to help raise both funds and awareness. Activities such as Coffee Mornings, participation in MiniMarathon, Sponsored Cycles, Birthday Donations, etc are all ways of helping HHT Ireland.

Videos of each of the 4 sessions will be made available soon on Youtube. Stay tuned for more details!

Remember that 90% of HHT sufferers go undiagnosed. We hope to change those statistics. If you or a member of your family suffers from recurrent & unexplained nosebleeds – it could be HHT.