Today is World HHT Day – June 23rd, 2021.


As HHT Day is celebrated across the world, today we are looking for your help!

We are asking you to help raise awareness of HHT by simply talking about it to your family, friends, teachers and healthcare professionals.

HHT is known as the “Masquerader” as behind it lies so many varied symptoms.

Unexplained & recurrent nosebleeds are the biggest, visible symptom of HHT.

However other symptoms exist too which could help you come to the realisation that your issues could possibly be connected to HHT.

Is there a history of unexplained brain abscess, haemorrhage or stroke in your family?  As HHT is a genetic disorder, many family members can be affected.

Signs of little red dots on skin, lips, and fingertips (Telangiectasia) may also lead to an early diagnosis.

High cardiac output caused by shunting from the liver is often another symptom related to HHT.

Our advice to you is to seek medical help. Refer your Dr/Specialist to the International HHT Guidelines

You can help your family receive an early diagnosis and any appropriate treatment – if required.

Be your own advocate – have that HHT conversation today!