We have developed core values which are a focus for how our trustees and volunteers work with each other to provide support to our patients.

Our values drive our actions, our behaviour and our interactions with patients and health professionals.

These values also help us to work together to continuously improve the organisation and ourselves:




HHT Ireland has been created by driven people who believe in a world without HHT. We are passionate about helping patients with their disorder.  We care about our HHT patients’ feelings and concerns and we are passionate about the pursuit of better quality health care.



We understand patients’ troubles and emotions because we have experienced them ourselves.

We have a benevolent attitude towards our HHT patients that allows them to express themselves, to feel listened to and to really be themselves during our discussions, without feeling any judgment.


Respect and Dignity

We show respect, consideration and courtesy towards all the people we meet (patients, relatives, health professionals).

We respect the dignity and privacy of men, women and children of any age who are affected by HHT.



Confidentiality and Discretion

We are bound by the confidentiality of any information that may reach us, concerning patients, caregivers, and the health establishment.

We have a duty of discretion in our communication with people and in our behaviour.