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Ways to help HHT Ireland


Would you like to Volunteer? The success of any charity and its website depends on the generosity of the people who get involved. You and your family may have stories to inspire others who are going through similar difficulties... You may have developed your own way of managing your nosebleeds... You may have come across a new food that helps keep bleeds at bay, or a new trigger for bleeds… Whatever your reason for wishing to become a volunteer, you can be assured that your efforts will make a real difference. If you wish to volunteer your time and maybe share your experiences, please contact Dara here or contact us on our Facebook page

Sponsors and Friends

Can your employer get involved? Company sponsorship really helps to create awareness and raise much needed funds for charities. Why not use your contacts and propose a one-off donation or event sponsorship for HHT Ireland? Share all your fundraising stories with us on Facebook!

Donating - Tax Relief on donations to charity

Donations from individuals (both PAYE workers and Self-Assessed) are treated the same and tax relief in all cases being repaid to the charity at a blended marginal rate of 31% which will be regularly reviewed. Essentially this means that tax relief, as a deduction, is no longer available to self-employed individuals in respect of donations made to an Authorised Charity from 1 January 2013 onwards. The minimum threshold of €250 for cumulative annual donations remains and an annual limit of €1 million per individual will apply for which tax relief will be granted.

Read more Edwin Foley Chartered Accountants or call 074 9122820

 Tax Relief Available  Your Donation in the year  Extra payment to Charity by Revenue   Total received by your Charity
 Blended rate 31%  €690  €310  €1,000
 Blended rate 31%  €250  €112.32  €362.32
 Effective Jan 13      
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